Which Impractical Joker Are You?

Which Impractical Joker Are You?

You could have more in popular with a single of the Impractical Jokers than you consider, but there’s only just one way to know for absolutely sure! Take our quiz to see if you and Joe, Q, Murr, or Sal are minimize from the exact same cloth — make positive to retain observe of your answers!

Which food do you like the most?

A. Ravioli
B. Soup
C. Chocolate
D. Donuts

What are you most concerned of?

A. Germs
B. Sharks
C. Spiders
D. You are not concerned of just about anything

Select a punishment to subject oneself to.

A. Enter a bingo match and yell “BINGO” following each and every selection
B. Become a human piñata
C. Wrestle a backpack from an alligator
D. Be decreased into a h2o tank whilst trapped in a straightjacket

Do you get embarrassed simply?

A. Very very easily
B. Certainly, but generally mainly because you conclude up in embarrassing predicaments far more than most people today
C. You can maintain it with each other pretty properly
D. No one could humiliate you even if they tried

Wherever is your delighted spot?

A. Enjoyable in your personal household following cleaning it from prime to base
B. Performing on your book
C. Inside a kick-ass comic ebook keep
D. Surrounded by tons of great foodstuff

When one thing hilarious occurs, you…

A. Laugh so really hard you tumble in excess of
B. Snicker so tough you cry
C. Chortle so really hard there is a opportunity you’ll hurl
D. Snicker so tough you really do not even make noise


Primarily A’s: You obtained Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano!

You are a wonderful man with a huge individuality who isn’t scared of a obstacle — even if you’re a bit of a germaphobe. You are a very little particular, so what!

Which Impractical Joker Are You?

Largely B’s: You received James “Murr” Murray!

You’re entire of energy and can dish it out just as properly as you can consider it — and you can get a large amount!

Which Impractical Joker Are You?

Typically C’s: You acquired Brian “Q” Quinn!

You are the laid-back silent variety, but anybody would be a fool to undervalue you for it! You can roll with whichever punches appear your way.

Which Impractical Joker Are You?

Typically D’s: You got Joseph Gatto!

You’re so immune to shame and humiliation it is mainly a superpower. Match to dive head-initially into just about anything and almost everything, you’re virtually unstoppable. Use your powers for superior!

Impractical Jokers: The Motion picture premieres on February 21. For episodes of Impractical Jokers, tune into TruTV or head to TruTV.com for on-demand viewing.

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