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13 Kinky Things Men Want To Do To Your Breasts


Boobs. Knockers. Tits. Tatas. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, perfect for all of the different preferences and kinky desires that exist. But what are exactly are all of those fantasies? And how do you know which one your guy likes? Well, chances are, if he is like most guy, he will want to do almost any kinky possibility with your breasts. Here are some fun ideas from Call girls Greece to help you fulfil his wild dreams the next time you’re in bed together.

Beautiful breasts have appealed to artists, writers and poets from time immemorial. Scientifically it could be just tissue and fat that have the power to produce milk after childbirth but aesthetically and sexually breasts have much appeal. Men love boobs. They ogle at breasts and boobs do turn them on. But why do men love boobs so much? Breasts look good. If you look at the sculptures of Khajuraho Temple or the ones at the Konark Temple, you would see even thousands of years back the men who sculpted those women gave them perfect breasts – round, shapely and beautiful.

1. Guys want to touch them

Obviously. This one is not really that kinky, but it cannot be overlooked! Even when not in bed together, a boob-grab or even a tight hug that lets him get closer to your breasts can be oh–so satisfying for guys. If you are just kissing, a boob-grab is the sign that he likes what’s happening and wants more. He will touch them, squeeze them, and grope them to fulfil that basic desire that is in every straight man.

2. They like to suck on them

When he is not using his mouth on your breasts, he’s using his hands. Sucking and licking your breasts will be the first thing he does once they are bare and out in the open. A guy may start by kissing all over your breasts and gradually get more forceful with his mouth. If he’s really passionate, he’ll leave a nice-looking hickey on your skin, a little mark by which you can remember him. Nipple to mouth action will be even more stimulating for you. It may look weird, almost like you could be nursing him. But even that imagery is pretty kinky, and guys like it. Have him suck on your nipple while he’s touching you below the belt to help stimulate you for maximum pleasure.

3. Watch your breasts bounce

Watching breasts bounce is so mesmerizing. Guys like to watch breasts bounce anywhere, anytime, and it will almost instantly put them in a trance. Watching them bounce will highlight your breasts’ texture and size, as well as give your guy a taste of how they move during sex. Guys don’t just like to watch your breasts bounce in the bedroom, though. They will try to sneak a peek while you’re walking, exercising or running, and going down stairs. It sounds slightly creepy, but this is where all of the fantasies start – just seeing your breasts in action.

4. Make them bounce

Guys like to be in control of the movement of your breasts. He will feel more powerful when he can bounce and moves them as he wants. The kinkier he is feeling, the harder he will move your breasts. So be aware of any pain threshold you have and do not be afraid to tell him when he is too forceful.

5. Take a nibble

Some guys like it when a bit of pain is involved in sex play. Allow him to bite your nipple to show that you like it rough. Of course, have him start out gentle and work to a level with which you are most comfortable.


6. Eat off your breasts

Letting a guy eat off your breasts will heighten all of your senses for both parties involved. You will feel even more pleasure when food is involved, and knowing he is helping you get there will make him go wild. Guys may like to use some yogurt, whipped cream, hot fudge, or fruit to cover your whole breasts or just your nipples. If he is really smart and good at what he is doing, he will use his mouth, his tongue, and his hands. However, at first, he should use each one individually, as doing so will emphasize each touch and will make you feel exquisite. Afterwards, he should use all at once for a finale.

7. Nipple orgasms

Yes, they are most certainly possible for some women. Let your guy play with your nipple for as long as you and he want until you reach maximum pleasure. This is bound to make him go wild.

8. Rub his member on them

Guys like to take hold of their member and rub it all over your breasts. This is especially exciting for him when he is kneeling or standing over you. The next time you give your guy oral sex, surprise him by first grabbing his member and teasing him a little before proceeding to your next job. Rub the head all over your boobs, stopping at your nipples in circular motions for extra stimulation.

9. See your breasts in sexy lingerie

Lingerie really does make you look that much sexier. It practically signals sexy time and makes you look more mature. Consider investing in a beautiful black lace bra that accentuates the curves of your breasts. If you happen to like extra kinky stuff, find an outfit like a fishnet body stocking or a lace body suit that has strategically placed holes around your breasts and nipples. Most guys will go wild for that image. Hot tip he will like: be a tease when you take off your bra in front of him. Be slow and sensual. Do not give away all you got right away.

10. Finish on your breasts

There are many valid reasons for guys to not finish in a vagina, and one of them fulfils their kinky desires. Your guy can pull out during sex to finish on your breasts or he can finish on them after oral or manual sex. Seeing your breasts covered in him will still excite him even after he has finished.

11. Double-trouble

It is safe to say that almost all straight guys fantasize about a threesome, during which the two girls touch each other’s breasts. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, be the bold one and take control at the beginning. Begin by holding and hugging the other girl while playing with her breasts with your hands and mouth. Encourage the other girl to reciprocate to ensure your own pleasure, as well. After seeing this, the guy with will worship you two for the rest of the night.

12. See your breasts in a tight, wet, white T-shirt

It’s something right out of old school MTV Spring Break. Seeing breasts through a thin, white T-shirt is a kinky tease for guys, making them feel like they are stealing a look from somewhere that should be hidden. A wet T-shirt allows for even more transparency right down to the outline of your excited nipple. So tantalizing.

13. All of the above while on you’re on top

Cowgirl is the best position for guys to get an enhanced view of your breasts. He can easily reach up his hands and play, watch you play with them, or just watch them as they bounce in sexy lingerie, a tight white T, or with nipple clamps on. You can also lean over him for some mouth to breast action.

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