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12 most common electrical problems


Electrical problems are an issue that every home has been faced with and ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ can help you with any problem. Many times we do not pay due attention to signs that indicate that “something is wrong” with our electrical installations. We usually ignore the risk of serious electrical damage to the devices, but most importantly endangering human lives.  The invisible helper of our daily life is the electricity. We could not imagine our lives without electricity. Most of what we do easily would be a mountain. Of course we could not communicate through this article since internet technology wouldn’t exist.

If you notice any of the following signs, do not ignore them!

1. Decreased security

Has safety ever been dropped while using an electrical appliance? Circuit breakers are designed to cut off power when a circuit is overloaded, thus preventing the cables from overheating which could cause damage or fire. So if the fuse drops and while you lift the switch on the electrical panel, it continues to fall, you need to find the cause of the problem. Try moving the device you blame for the circuit overload to another outlet on a different switch.

2. The lights flicker

Did you notice fluctuations in lighting intensity? It may be due to changes in the PPC voltage in your area. However, if the neighbors in your apartment building do not face a similar problem, it may be due to a problem of damage or damage to the electrical installation of your house. Be aware of why fluctuations in voltage can damage your electrical appliances.

3. Burning ceiling lights

It is recommended to check the area around ceiling lights regularly for very high heat. Most luminaires are usually uninsulated and when overheated (as a result of exceeding the recommended lamp voltage) they become very hot which makes them capable of causing a fire. The best way to solve the problem is to replace the bulbs with CFL fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs that produce only the minimum required heat and thus do not pose much risk.

4. Transients

Transients are known as sparks. Spark is the glow that is created when you connect a cable to the socket. It is common for small sparks to appear when you first plug in a device, however large sparks indicate a problem with the socket or circuit. The problem may be due to wiring, overload or a faulty device. If it starts to smell burnt then things are definitely worrying.

5. Damage to the TV signal

It is very unpleasant to want to watch a movie or a football match and your receiver has no signal. This needs to be addressed immediately, by specialized technicians who will save you from wasting time and money. It is better to install the antenna by specialized technicians and not by any amateur who thinks he is relevant.

6. Damage to the electric water heater

By turning on the switch on our electrical panel, the water heater starts and heats the water. The light next to the switch gives us the information that the water heater is on.However, any damage to the water heater is not visible from this light bulb. In this case, it is usually possible to perceive the problem from the fact that the water does not heat up or it takes too long to heat up.

7. Power failure

No appliances are working in our house, nor are the lights on, while no similar problem has been observed in the neighborhood. It may happen due to voltage drop or one of your electronical devices. There are many causes of power failure, but it is treatable.

8. Socket failure

A socket in the house does not provide power because the wires are disconnected or we have to make sure the prose fits on the wall so that the wires are not exposed. Loose socket installation. If the socket is not installed properly and is loose the effects can be very large as it can even cause a fire.

9. Damage to the electrical panel

Usually these kinds of problems are noticed due to the smell of fish that seems to come from the table. If we are looking for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones then the best thing to do is to call an electrician. If you notice a strong smell of burning coming through the electrical panel then we must turn off the lights and turn off all electrical appliances. A cable has overheated or a fuse has blown. The problem can be dangerous even if the smell goes away, so contact your electrician immediately.

10. Damage to the telephone line.

Problems with the quality of telephone calls can also be due to poor cable connection or some damage to the cables.High speed internet demands or buzzing on the phone line is a very common fault. It comes from the age and quality of the cables. The most common solution is to install a new telephone line from the ISP to the point where the modem will be installed.

11.Installation of incorrect cable size

If we do not know exactly what we need then we can make a mistake and place cables closer or farther resulting in both cases to have losses and poor connection. Also, incorrect cable installation is a serious problem. If the cables in the socket of an outlet or appliance are not placed correctly then the risks of fire or electric shock are too great.

In most electrical systems, there is a cable that carries the electricity. A short circuit occurs when this cable is grounded. This can happen if a cable is damaged, loose or exposed, causing the power to be diverted from the specified path. Even short circuits can generate heat and sparks and are dangerous, but a modern electrical installation will cause safety to fall when these problems occur.

12. Broken wires

If the wiring in your electrical system heats up enough to melt its plastic housing, then you are in imminent danger of fire and you must take immediate action. It may come as no surprise that the smell of burnt should be an immediate warning sign! Try to identify the source of the problem – whether it is limited to a component or a problem with the electrical panel – and you need to resolve it quickly.

An electrical problem in our home is the most common phenomenon. Many times we may not pay any attention to signs that indicate that something is wrong with the electrical installation of our home. Many times a faulty electrical installation can cause serious problems and most importantly endanger human lives. That’s why you always need to do some research before finding the best electrician for any problem on your electrical. 24 ΩΡΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΟΙ is here for you!

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