Neil Diamond Updated Sweet Caroline’s Lyrics To Remind Us To Wash Our Hands

Neil Diamond Updated Sweet Caroline’s Lyrics To Remind Us To Wash Our Hands

The two sentiments remaining echoed close to the globe in the course of this coronavirus pandemic are 1. Wash your fucking hands, and 2. Continue to be the fuck within. Even though we in this article at Funny Or Die have been hammering the latter around your heads, (and will continue to do so, significantly, remain residence) we have been a little mild on the previous.

The CDC-permitted strategy is washing your palms for a entire 20 seconds, or the quantity of time it requires to sing “Happy Birthday” two times. Looking at “Happy Birthday” is the worst tune gentleman has at any time created, I personally believe telling men and women to sing it 2 times even though they clean their hands is a minimal counterproductive to the induce.

Luckily for us, there is an different!

Couple men and women obtain the stage of celeb and effect throughout various generations as Neil Diamond, and now, the iconic singer has a musical message for all of us about COVID-19. Sitting in front of a roaring hearth, keeping an acoustic guitar, and accompanied by a Labrador retriever, (in other words, the only way I have ever imagined Neil Diamond) he reminded all people to continue to be safe by singing his vintage “Sweet Caroline” with a alter in the lyrics.

Palms… washing palms…

Don’t touch me… I won’t touch yooooouuuuuuu

As well as currently being a full friggin’ delight, I timed the track — both equally “Sweeeeeeet Caroliiiiiiine, (bah bah bah) fantastic tiiiiiimes never ever seemed so goooooood” AND “Haaaaaaands… touching haaands… achieving ouuuuut… touching meeee… touching yooooouuuu” are 20 seconds lengthy when you sing it if you hold all the notes, and if you are singing Neil Diamond, of course you have to maintain people notes.

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