Mining Reddit for Content Ideas in 5 Steps – Whiteboard Friday

Mining Reddit for Content Ideas in 5 Steps - Whiteboard Friday

For marketers, Reddit is a lot more than a resource to even though absent your lunch break. It’s a substantial, flourishing discussion board with subreddits devoted to just about any subject you can think about — and enjoyable new information concepts lurk in threads, just waiting around to be discovered. In this version of Whiteboard Friday, Daniel Russell can take you by means of five simple steps to mine Reddit for articles tips bolstered by your concentrate on audience’s interest.

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Howdy, Moz followers. Welcome to a different version of Whiteboard Friday. My name is Daniel Russell. I’m from an company known as Go Fish Digital. These days we are likely to be conversing about mining Reddit for material strategies.

Reddit, you’ve possibly listened to of it, but in circumstance you have not, it really is just one of the major web sites on the online. It gets billions of views and clicks per 12 months. Individuals go there since it is a wonderful resource of written content. It is really truly entertaining. But it also means that it’s a wonderful source of information for us as entrepreneurs. So nowadays what we’re heading to be chatting about is two major groups in this article.

We’re likely to 1st be conversing about the functions of Reddit, the various matters that you can use on Reddit to find fantastic material suggestions. Then we are going to be conversing about five techniques that you can take and use these days to get started finding concepts for your organization, for your clients and start out obtaining that profitable content material. 

Functions of Reddit

So first, Reddit as a breakdown in this article.


To start with, a massive element of Reddit is known as subreddits. They are primarily more compact community forums within just Reddit, a smaller discussion board in a discussion board focused to a particular subject matter. So there may be a forum focused to flicks and speaking about films. There’s a discussion board focused to foodstuff and conversing about distinctive varieties of food stuff, submitting shots of foodstuff, submitting recipes.

There is a discussion board for just about anything beneath the solar. If you can believe of it, it truly is probably got a forum on Reddit. This is definitely important to us as marketers due to the fact it indicates that persons are taking their interests and then putting it out there for us to see. So if we are making an attempt to do perform for a sports activities organization or if we’re seeking to do do the job for our organization that is dentistry or some thing like that, there is a subreddit dedicated to that subject matter, and we can go and discover persons that are intrigued in that, that are possibly within just our target marketplaces.

Upvoting and downvoting

You can find upvoting and downvoting. Fundamentally what this is, is men and women write-up a piece of written content to Reddit, and then other end users make a decision if they like it or not. They upvote it or they downvote it. The stuff that is upvoted is usually the fantastic things. Individuals that are paying actually near focus to Reddit are usually upvoting and downvoting things. Then the matters that get the most upvotes start off soaring to the best so that other folks can see it.

It truly is tremendous important to us again since this aids validate ideas for us. This helps us see what is functioning and what is not. Prior to we even put pen to paper, in advance of we even begin designing all the things, we can see what has been the most upvoted. The most upvoted things sales opportunities to the upcoming massive function, which is rankings. The things that receives voted the most ends up position on the major of Reddit and gets to be a lot more visible.

It gets easier for us to find as marketers, and thankfully we can consider a glance at those people rankings and see if any of that matches the material we are hoping to make. 


There’s the comments segment. Essentially what this is, is for each individual publish you will find a segment committed to that post for responses, wherever persons can comment on the post. They can comment on feedback. It’s virtually like a concentration team.

It is like a concentration group without essentially getting there in person. You can see what people today like, what individuals will not like about the written content, how they felt about it. Probably they even have some content material thoughts of their own that they are sharing in there. It can be an extremely precious area to be. We can take these distinctive functions and start digging in to obtain information suggestions utilizing these down listed here.

Reddit look for & filters

Look for bar

The search bar is a Reddit function that will work quite perfectly. It will likely generate mediocre benefits most of the time. But you can drill down a tiny even more with that search bar applying research parameters. These parameters are points like hunting by writer, browsing by site.

Lookup parameters

There are a whole lot of distinct lookups that you can use. There is a whole checklist of them on Reddit. But this fundamentally will allow you to acquire that mediocre lookup bar and make it a tiny bit much more strong. If you want to seem for sporting activities information, you can seem specifically at written content posted from and see what has been the most upvoted there. 

Restrict results to subreddit

You can restrict your final results to a specific subreddit. So if you’re striving to look for content material about hen dishes, you are undertaking perform for a restaurant and you are hoping to discover what is actually been the most upvoted content material about chicken, you don’t want people calling each and every other chickens. So what you can do is prohibit your look for to a subreddit so that you in fact get rooster the foodstuff relatively than posts chatting about that dude is a chicken.

Filter benefits

You can filter results. This essentially signifies that you can just take all the final results that you get from your lookup and then you can recategorize it centered off of how many upvotes it is gotten, how not long ago it was posted, how quite a few opinions it has. 

Filter subreddits

Then you can also filter subreddits on their own. So you can get subreddits, all the written content which is been posted there, and you can seem at what is been the most upvoted information for that subreddit.

What has been the most controversial articles from that subreddit? What is been the most upvoted? What’s been the most downvoted? These features make it a actually consumer-friendly put in phrases of acquiring really entertaining stuff. That is why Reddit is generally like a black gap of efficiency. You can get dropped down it and continue to be there for several hours.

That operates in our benefit as entrepreneurs. That suggests that we can go by, just take these distinctive attributes, use them to our individual internet marketing requires, and come across people genuinely superior content material suggestions. 

5 actions to getting written content tips on Reddit

So for some illustrations in this article. You can find a set of critical measures that you can use. I am likely to use some serious-planet illustrations, so some correct-blue issues that we have performed for clientele so that you can see how this in fact works in actual lifestyle.

1. Do a general search for your matter

The initially action is to do a typical search for your subject. So genuine-earth illustration, we have a consumer that is in the transportation room. They operate with shuttles, with limos, and with taxis. We desired to build some articles all-around limos. So the way we began in these vital methods is we did a normal research for limos.

Our look for yielded some fascinating factors. We noticed that a whole lot of individuals were being submitting pics of extend limos, of just wild limo interiors. But then we also noticed a ton of individuals chatting about presidential limos, the limos that the president rides in that have the bulletproof glass and everything. So we started out noticing that, hey, there’s some great articles here about limos. It type of served frame our brainstorming and our content material mining. 

2. Locate a subreddit that suits

The subsequent step is to locate a subreddit that suits that certain topic. Now there is a subreddit devoted to limos. It can be not the most active. There wasn’t a ton of content material there. So what we ended up accomplishing was searching at far more broad subreddits. We appeared at like the cars subreddit.

There was a subreddit focused to guides and to breakdowns of different machines. So there have been a great deal of breakdowns, like cutaways of the presidential limos. So all over again, that was coming up. What we saw in the common lookup was coming up in our subreddit precise lookup. We had been looking at presidential limos once more.

3. Search at subreddit information from the earlier thirty day period

Stage 3, appear at that sub’s individual content material from the past month. The subreddit, for case in point, that we ended up hunting at was just one dedicated to cars, as I had described earlier. We seemed at the best articles from that past thirty day period, and we observed there was this genuinely amazing GIF that fundamentally took the Chevy symbol back from like the ’30s and slowly but surely morphed it more than the many years into the Chevy symbol that we observed currently.

We thought that was fairly amazing. We commenced asking yourself if perhaps we could apply that exact type of thought to our presidential limo locating that we ended up looking at earlier. 

4. Detect traits, patterns, and sticky suggestions

Quantity 4 was to detect developments, styles, and sticky thoughts. Sticky ideas, it just signifies if you appear across one thing and it just form of sticks in your head, like it just sort of stays there, very likely that will happen for your audience as well.

So if you arrive across nearly anything that you come across definitely attention-grabbing, that retains sticking in your head or keeps popping up on Reddit, it retains finding tons of upvotes, establish that notion since it truly is going to be worthwhile. So for us, we begun figuring out suggestions like morphing GIFs, the Chevy brand morphing over time. We started off figuring out ideas like presidential limos. Individuals definitely like talking about it.

5. Polish, strengthen, and up-level the suggestions you’ve observed

That led us to use Stage Amount 5, which is to consider these ideas that we were being finding, polish them, increase them, a single up it, choose it to the subsequent stage, and then develop some material around that and advertise it. So what we did was we took these two thoughts, we took presidential limos and the total morphing GIF plan over time, and we blended them.

We observed pictures of all of the presidential limos due to the fact like the ’50s. Then we took every single of individuals presidential limos and we developed a morphing GIF out of them, so that you started out with the previous presidential limos, which seriously were not genuinely secure. They have been convertibles. They have been typical automobiles. Then that slowly morphed up to the massive tanks that we have right now. It was a massive achievement.

It was just a GIF. But that plan had been validated for the reason that we ended up hunting at what was the most upvoted, what was the most downvoted, what was rated, what was not rated, and we observed some suggestions that we could choose, a single up, and polish. So we established this morphing presidential limo, and it did really nicely.

It bought coverage in a large amount of main news networks. ABC News picked it up. CBS talked about it. It even obtained posted to Reddit later and executed definitely very well on Reddit. It was all simply because we had been ready to consider these attributes, mine down, drill down, find people superior material suggestions, and then polish it and make it our have. 

I am genuinely interested to listen to if you’ve tried out this just before. Possibly you’ve seen some definitely excellent ideas that you’d like to attempt out on Reddit.

Do you have like a favorite research functionality that you use on Reddit? Do you like to filter by the previous yr? Do you like a unique subreddit? Permit me know down in the feedback. Fantastic luck mining thoughts. I know it will do the job for you. Have a fantastic working day.

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