Margot Robbie Survived ‘Hot Ones’ And I’m Genuinely Proud

Margot Robbie Survived ‘Hot Ones’ And I’m Genuinely Proud

We’ve been extremely patient, and now it is eventually here:

The season premiere of Warm Kinds just dropped, babeyyyyyyy!!

Time 11 opened with Academy Award-nominee and grasp of like, each and every regional American accent, Margot Robbie. Regrettably, while, she’s absolutely not a grasp of very hot sauces. Prior to digging into the 1st wing of the gauntlet, Margot informs us that she “has the palette of a four-12 months-outdated,” and judging by the sheer terror on her confront and anxious laughter that she is not performing.

“I’m so frightened!” Be brave, Margot! Be brave.

As she foretold, by the 3rd wing Margot’s starting off to truly feel the heat. Nonetheless, she astonishingly (and unexpectedly, to be genuine) holds it together and rallies like a goddamn champ. I really don’t assume I’ve ever rooted this challenging for any contestant on Hot Ones, but can you blame me?! This is just a common underdog tale! Having to be the first poor soul by way of the new sauce gauntlet is a feat unto alone, and as anyone who went into this hating and fearing hot sauce, she definitely will get additional props.

Margot, I salute you.

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