Kevin Bacon Could Be In Mortal Danger In His New Podcast

Kevin Bacon Could Be In Mortal Danger In His New Podcast

You appreciate Kevin Bacon, I really like Kevin Bacon, who doesn’t really like Kevin Bacon?

I’ll convey to you who.

Randy Beslow.

By no means listened to of him, appropriate? Very well, there is a explanation for that, and its title is Kevin Bacon. See, Randy could’ve been a star. He could’ve been on each and every large monitor in the state, signing autographs at airports, residing in the lap of luxurious. He could’ve— no, should’ve been the one particular with all the screaming enthusiasts and cameos as himself!

It should have been HIM in Footloose!

Soon after paying the previous 30 years obsessing more than all of this in a absolutely tremendous nutritious way, destiny has brought Randy together with the person he’s blamed for his entire lifetime in the past way he’d ever assume: Kevin Bacon’s podcast.

Kevin was seeking for an assistant and, hopefully, a new very best buddy. Randy Beslow was on the lookout for revenge towards his nemesis. How is this heading to participate in out? The only way to know is by tuning in.

The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon premieres Monday February 17 with new episodes dropping weekly later on, only on Spotify.

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