John Mulaney’s Return To SNL Was A Friggin’ Gift

John Mulaney’s Return To SNL Was A Friggin’ Gift

John Mulaney is no stranger to Saturday Night time Stay. Not only was he a writer for the demonstrate and a single of the comedy geniuses powering the glory that is Stefon, this past weekend marked his 3rd time internet hosting, and if he could come again to host as soon as every single season that’d be just good, thanks. Listen, comedy, like all art, is subjective, and absolutely everyone has a ideal to their belief. But this is not a make any difference of view, this is a make any difference of point, and the truth is, John Mulaney is a goddamn nationwide treasure and we must safeguard him at all costs.

People who watched his second time hosting back in 2019 will recall the musical speculate that was “Bodega Bathroom”, and I am so, SO thrilled to be able to report that round three noticed even extra musical numbers complete of the same whimsy, hilarity, and sometimes, horror.

Coronavirus Cold Open

Y’know, we do not get enough Mike Pence from SNL, but this cold open up has surely supplied us almost everything we’ve been lacking and more. Plus, John Mulaney as Joe Biden is an sudden riot.

Seem of Tunes: Rolf and Liesl

This sketch proved a person thing: Cecily Robust and John Mulaney want their possess musical and it wants to run for hundreds of years so that when our modern society is very long gone and aliens come across our continues to be, the 1st items they’ll find from our civilization are records of Cecily Solid and John Mulaney in mentioned musical.

Airport Sushi

This is it. This is the Magnum Opus from the overall episode. The a person detail we ended up all waiting for that we didn’t know we required but we desperately did, a remarkable musical amount all about the horror that is airport sushi.

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