How to keep insects away from your house

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How to keep insects away from your house

It is finally summertime and we could not be happier but unfortunately when heat is here bugs Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– are here too! It is unpleasant to share your house with unwanted guests so we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep insects away from your house. Especially if you have children and babies, bugs are not welcome in your house.

We are going to talk about how you can get rid of insects in a natural way and how you are able to prevent them from entering your house. Keep reading to find out more about the “insect plan”.

Seal all the entrances

Any entrance for you and your pets is a possible entrance for insects too. Even if you are careful when you are opening the doors and windows, you never know when a bug or an insect will enter your territory. Furthermore, there are other entrances such as chimneys, vents, air conditioning units, sewers etc. You need to take action while it is still early.

Our advice is that every window and door should have a net on it. Especially children’s rooms or doors and windows that you are using a lot. As far as pets are concerned, you have two options. Either control their in and out time by letting them yourself in or figure out a way to keep their pet door shut when they are not using it.

For the rest of the entrances you can simply shut them (the fireplace is not used for months so you can shut the chimney door) or you can apply protective nets (such as the vents). If you happen to notice any openings in your walls or windows, you can fill them in with silicone so that you will exclude the possibility of insects getting in your house from these openings.

Do not leave food exposed

This one is pretty straightforward but we think it is important to include it in our tips. Insects Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη– like ants, flies, cockroaches and fruit flies are not going to get into your house if you will not in someway “invite them”. What do we mean by that? Leaving exposed food on the table, your desk, on the floor and basically anywhere around the house, is an invitation for the bugs as they eat food just like we do.

Try to store your leftover food in containers and putting them in the fridge. There is nothing wrong with leaving them on the counters but as during summer the weather is hot, their smell might still be an invitation for the various insects. Even a crumb of bread could attract a family of ants!

Wet places are their favorite

Have you ever noticed that cockroaches and fruit flies are often found in the sink or bathroom? Some types of insects simply love to be round water and spaces that have a high level of humidityΑποφράξεις Πειραιάς. Sometimes you might have a leak in one of your pipes and you do not know it yet! Finding an insect in your house calls for house inspection! Take the time to check your house for any leaks or other type of humidity such as mold.

You will find mold and standing water in places suck as your sink cupboards, any other furniture that you have in the bathroom, your basement or any wall and spot of your house that is not receiving enough sunlight and heat. So if you will see

Know where the insects come from

You should always keep an eye on the entrance of the insects. And we do not only mean the way they got into your house but the means too. For example, some insects are able to travel through your clothes, your pet or even the supermarket supplies you just brought into the house!

Wash your vegetables and fruit thoroughly to get rid of any little bugs – Αποφράξεις Πεντέλη– that were living in them. Best thing to do is soak them in water, vinegar and salt mixture for about 15 minutes. This way you will clean and disinfect your groceries at the same time while also killing any small bugs! Knowing the way your unwanted guests came into your house makes getting rid of them easier!

Clean your house

If you haven’t already, you should establish a schedule of house cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner should run over your floors at least once a week so that you are definite that all the bits and pieces of food are gone. Your tablecloth and towels should change once a week too so that you will avoid any visitors due to their smell.

Remember ti clean in spots that are hidden such as behind doors, under the table and chairs, under your sofa and in between the cushions. Insects have a strong sense of smell and they can detect anything in your house, even if you are not able to see it!

Know your limits

When you are “defeated” by insects you need to take a step back. There is really no point in struggling and losing your time, energy and money in products that are simply not effective. If you reach the point where you can not get rid of ants, cockroaches or bed bugs for example, you need to call a professional exterminating crew.

These are the only people that will be able to kill all the insects in your house and free you from your misery! Sometimes it is easier to surrender and know your limits rather than fight and lose your strength. Professional exterminating crews are not that expensive -it depends on the size of your house and the bug you have- and most of them also use substances that are not harmful for your children and your pets.

This way you will exterminate any bug that was bugging you and your family all this time!

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