How to buy a garage door – Types of doors in the market


How to buy a garage door & the types of garage doors in the market

More and more houses have garage doors – πορτες ασφαλειας – not only for the fact that they offer a permanent parking space, but also to protect the car from both thieves and the weather. But no garage is complete without a door, which is why we are all looking for quality garage doors.

Buying a garage door is not an easy task, especially if you consider that it is a choice we will make once in a lifetime, so there is no room for error. So let’s see what you need to know about buying a garage door to choose the right solution for your home and garage.

What to look for in a garage door

What you need to look at first when looking for a garage door is of course security. Of course, they all offer security from thieves, but some do it better than others. Construction materials play an important role here.

All door construction materials are durable, but some have greater strength than others. You need to choose the safest solution that can lift your wallet. In general, security should be the first thing you discuss with the business you are addressing.

Remember that the garage door protects not only your car and garage but also your home as your garage can also be a passageway for your home.

Another important feature that garage doors should have is insulation. Quality garage doors protect your car from both thieves and the elements of nature, so most have insulation materials. This insulation will keep the very high and low temperatures but also the work from your garage and car as well as from your house in general.

Soundproofing is also important so that you do not disturb the other occupants of the house when you come or go from your garage.

Finally, you should pay attention to the practicality of your door. Garage doors need some free space to open and close, and some doors may simply not be able to fit in a space, such as one-piece units that need enough space to function properly.

The company that will sell you the door will appreciate your space and will suggest to you the best solutions, which you should listen to carefully.

Folding or one-piece garage doors?

One of the most important choices you should make when buying a garage door is whether it will be one piece or split. One-piece doors can be made from a wide variety of materials, even solid wood, but require a lot of space to be able to open and close as they open upwards and stay parallel to the ceiling when open.

Simply put, as we said above, these doors, although usually more beautiful than the folding ones, may simply not fit your space for this and it is necessary to study and evaluate the space by a specialist.

Folding or folding garage doors can be in the form of roller shutters or can be roof doors such as one-piece, but because they are “broken” into interconnected pieces, they require much less free space than one-piece for operation.

The materials for roof garage doors are usually steel or aluminum sheet panels, which are often “filled” with special insulating material. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs but usually lag in the aesthetic field as the one-piece pieces give an air of luxury to the space.

Manual or automatic garage door?

Garage doors, regardless of their type, can be automatic or manual, which of course will affect their price, since it makes sense for automatic ones to be more expensive. Manual doors are easy to use but require some power.

Also, the user will have to get out of the vehicle to open and close them. This is not at all easy or pleasant when it is raining and the user is exposed to potential thieves who may be lurking. On the other hand, manual doors always work perfectly as they do not require any energy source beyond human power, and their maintenance is very simple and economical.

Automatic garage doors on the other hand stand out because the user can open them without having to get out of his vehicle, as long as the push of a button on the remote control or a control panel. The special motor will take over the opening and closing while the special safety valves will take care that there is no danger for the car and the users of the garage.

Automatic garage doors require electricity to operate, so their operation is more difficult when there is a fault or interruption. In addition, problems may also occur due to the lack of battery in the remote control. Finally, it is worth noting that they require special maintenance at regular intervals.

It should be noted that if you are looking for economical garage doors, you can invest in a manual one and turn it into an automatic one later.

You need to buy the special motor and do the installation with the help of a specialist workshop. It goes without saying that the company that will sell you the door will take care to provide you with the above at preferential prices.

Installation and maintenance of a garage door

It is not enough to buy a garage door, it must also be installed. This work should be undertaken by a specialized workshop that must have previously studied and measured the space.

These tasks may come at a cost, but they are by no means a must-try. One small mistake can cost you dearly both financially and in terms of security. It is worth noting that many companies offer door placement within the sale price.

In terms of maintenance, in the case of the manual garage door, it is very simple and can be done by anyone without special tools. All that is needed for such a garage door is lubrication and cleaning to remove any debris that may be obstructing its operation.

As for automatic garage doors, they should be checked regularly – every one or two years – by a specialist technician to prevent damage and other unpleasant surprises.

Again, companies selling quality garage doors are not unlikely to offer a door maintenance package. If you are given such an offer, it would be good to prefer it because a failure in an automatic door can prove to be a very costly affair.

Buying a garage door is a very important issue and it makes sense to use that it seems a bit stressful. But what you need to remember is the fact that it does not have to be. A company that has been dealing with garage doors for years can advise you properly and of course, will undertake all the necessary measurements and studies.

You let the experts, Alfino Door do their job and focus on prices to find a solution that fits your wallet. So the key is to choose a company with quality security doors and from there on you can only trust the experts for your purchase.

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