How to buy a garage door – Types of doors in the market


How to buy a garage door & the types of garage doors in the market

More and more houses have garage doors – πορτες ασφαλειας – not only for the fact that they offer a permanent parking space, but also to protect the car from both thieves and the weather. But no garage is complete without a door, which is why we are all looking for quality garage doors.

Buying a garage door is not an easy task, especially if you consider that it is a choice we will make once in a lifetime, so there is no room for error. So let’s see what you need to know about buying a garage door to choose the right solution for your home and garage.

What to look for in a garage door

What you need to look at first when looking for a garage door is of course security. Of course, they all offer security from thieves, but some do it better than others. Construction materials play an important role here.

All door construction materials are durable, but some have greater strength than others. You need to choose the safest solution that can lift your wallet. In general, security should be the first thing you discuss with the business you are addressing.

Remember that the garage door protects not only your car and garage but also your home as your garage can also be a passageway for your home.

Another important feature that garage doors should have is insulation. Quality garage doors protect your car from both thieves and the elements of nature, so most have insulation materials. This insulation will keep the very high and low temperatures but also the work from your garage and car as well as from your house in general.

Soundproofing is also important so that you do not disturb the other occupants of the house when you come or go from your garage.

Finally, you should pay attention to the practicality of your door. Garage doors need some free space to open and close, and some doors may simply not be able to fit in a space, such as one-piece units that need enough space to function properly.

The company that will sell you the door will appreciate your space and will suggest to you the best solutions, which you should listen to carefully.

Folding or one-piece garage doors?

One of the most important choices you should make when buying a garage door is whether it will be one piece or split. One-piece doors can be made from a wide variety of materials, even solid wood, but require a lot of space to be able to open and close as they open upwards and stay parallel to the ceiling when open.

Simply put, as we said above, these doors, although usually more beautiful than the folding ones, may simply not fit your space for this and it is necessary to study and evaluate the space by a specialist.

Folding or folding garage doors can be in the form of roller shutters or can be roof doors such as one-piece, but because they are “broken” into interconnected pieces, they require much less free space than one-piece for operation.

The materials for roof garage doors are usually steel or aluminum sheet panels, which are often “filled” with special insulating material. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs but usually lag in the aesthetic field as the one-piece pieces give an air of luxury to the space.

Manual or automatic garage door?

Garage doors, regardless of their type, can be automatic or manual, which of course will affect their price, since it makes sense for automatic ones to be more expensive. Manual doors are easy to use but require some power.

Also, the user will have to get out of the vehicle to open and close them. This is not at all easy or pleasant when it is raining and the user is exposed to potential thieves who may be lurking. On the other hand, manual doors always work perfectly as they do not require any energy source beyond human power, and their maintenance is very simple and economical.

Automatic garage doors on the other hand stand out because the user can open them without having to get out of his vehicle, as long as the push of a button on the remote control or a control panel. The special motor will take over the opening and closing while the special safety valves will take care that there is no danger for the car and the users of the garage.

Automatic garage doors require electricity to operate, so their operation is more difficult when there is a fault or interruption. In addition, problems may also occur due to the lack of battery in the remote control. Finally, it is worth noting that they require special maintenance at regular intervals.

It should be noted that if you are looking for economical garage doors, you can invest in a manual one and turn it into an automatic one later.

You need to buy the special motor and do the installation with the help of a specialist workshop. It goes without saying that the company that will sell you the door will take care to provide you with the above at preferential prices.

Installation and maintenance of a garage door

It is not enough to buy a garage door, it must also be installed. This work should be undertaken by a specialized workshop that must have previously studied and measured the space.

These tasks may come at a cost, but they are by no means a must-try. One small mistake can cost you dearly both financially and in terms of security. It is worth noting that many companies offer door placement within the sale price.

In terms of maintenance, in the case of the manual garage door, it is very simple and can be done by anyone without special tools. All that is needed for such a garage door is lubrication and cleaning to remove any debris that may be obstructing its operation.

As for automatic garage doors, they should be checked regularly – every one or two years – by a specialist technician to prevent damage and other unpleasant surprises.

Again, companies selling quality garage doors are not unlikely to offer a door maintenance package. If you are given such an offer, it would be good to prefer it because a failure in an automatic door can prove to be a very costly affair.

Buying a garage door is a very important issue and it makes sense to use that it seems a bit stressful. But what you need to remember is the fact that it does not have to be. A company that has been dealing with garage doors for years can advise you properly and of course, will undertake all the necessary measurements and studies.

You let the experts, Alfino Door do their job and focus on prices to find a solution that fits your wallet. So the key is to choose a company with quality security doors and from there on you can only trust the experts for your purchase.

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9 + 1 color combinations for exterior painting


9 + 1 color combinations for exterior painting

We usually choose colors and combinations for the interior painting of the house, the bedroom, the living room, the children’s room and even for the bathroom or the kitchen.

However, the trend of our time, through which our need is also expressed, demands that the buildings have colors and, to be precise, a combination of colors.

We choose colors to paint our exterior walls and not only, because through color we express ourselves. Through color we capture what we feel, project emotions and elements that we want or hide some. Also, through the color choices we send “messages” to our environment, attract or remove, impress or provoke. And if we do all this through the choice of colors, the combination of colors makes the game of impression even more interesting.

We present you 9 + 1 color combinations for exterior walls, with shades from almost the entire color palette and designed especially for New Jersey.

1. Exterior painting in shades of blue

3 special shades of blue inspired by the colors of the sky and the sea. They fit in both buildings of modern architecture and neoclassical ones, capturing every time the feeling of calm and freedom. In environments with high temperature fluctuations, high humidity or low temperatures down to -20OC, such as in mountainous areas with frequent rains or near the sea, it is recommended to choose special composition paints with anti-mold properties that ensure very good waterproofing of surfaces.

2. Exterior painting in earth tones

The earthy shades of beige-brown-chocolate give the feeling of the classic but at the same time of the timeless style. The 60-30-10 rule can be applied here. The light shade PCM 1622 you choose for 60% of the surface of the building displaying its constant value, while the shades PCM 1624 & PCM 1625, depending on the architectural elements of the building we want to display, follow the proportions 30% & 10%.

3. Exterior painting in shades of gray

Gray belongs to the palette of cool colors and is especially popular in buildings of modern industrial architecture. Although the shades of gray give austerity to the space, at the same time they promote its elegance, creating the perfect balance. The buildings of the Greek urban areas have their own requirements. Intense sunshine and exhaust fumes are two of the most basic problems they face. Outdoor Paint Waterproof 100% Acrylic is one of the most suitable options for painting exterior walls in these cases.

4. Exterior painting in shades of intense contrasts

3 shades of blue-yellow-blue, which harmonize perfectly supporting and projecting each other. The cheerfulness caused by the combination of the 3 shades makes it ideal for city houses, however it is more identified with periods of carefree in Cycladic islands.

5. Exterior painting in shades of oil

Ideal shades for detached houses and apartment buildings with personality. Shades that differentiate the building, allowing the concealment of architectural weaknesses and highlighting only their beauty.

6. Exterior painting in shades of purple-blue

The perfect combination of shades that exude a sense of cleanliness, optimism and air. The brightness of the shade PCM 862 is due to the drops of red pigment in its composition, while the positive energy of the color combination is due to the other 2 shades PM 863 & PCM 865.

7. Exterior painting in shades for the adventurous

3 shades with a completely different personality but a common point, come from the elements of nature. The green of the plants, the pink of the flowers and the blue of the sky. Due to the strong personality and the 3 shades, they are mainly recommended for highlighting the architectural elements of the building on a white background. On the islands, whitewashing exterior walls every year is a tradition for most homes. In these cases, acrylic paints are often chosen for the exterior that are more economical.

8. Exterior painting in harmonious shades

This is a combination that welcomes home guests. It combines elegance, kindness and kindness. It fits perfectly in buildings of modern line but as you can see in the picture it is a unique decorative proposal for neoclassical.

9. Exterior walls painted in modern shades

Gray with deep red, a timeless combination ideal for modern buildings. We often see you choose gray for the exterior painting of the house. However, few dare to combine it with a shade, such as deep red, that will emphasize the architectural elements and will highlight the unique personality of the building.

9 + 1 Outdoor colors for classics

The light gray – mouse shades, for painting exterior walls, are now classic. They are perfectly combined with the metal or wooden elements of the buildings and this is enough to develop into safe options.

Another classic combination of shades is brown – beige. Playing with the tones of the shades, they are “integrated” harmoniously in classic or modern buildings, with simpler and more intense lines.

Tip: Whenever you choose colors for the exterior painting remember…

Color does not only mean aesthetics, it also means quality.

The external surfaces face special conditions:

  • temperature changes (winter – summer)
  • exposure to moisture, rain, snow
  • temperature fluctuations during the day
  • exposure to the sun
  • salinity exposure (for coastal areas)
  • exhaust pollutants

…quality means having a combination of properties…

  • elasticity, not to peel
  • correct composition, not to fade and maintain the brightness of their shades
  • additives to prevent mold growth
  • be self-washable to remove dirt from the rain
  • thermo-reflectivity, in order to save energy
  • easy to apply
  • respect the environment

…that they can cope by maintaining their properties and protecting your home for many years.

See the categories Exterior Painting and Interior Painting for houses & Wood constructions where representative products of reliable industries are presented.

Are you worried about choosing the right colors for the exterior painting or the interior of your home? Visit Gikas Painting and a painting consultant is always willing to offer his useful tips for free.

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12 most common electrical problems


Electrical problems are an issue that every home has been faced with and ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ can help you with any problem. Many times we do not pay due attention to signs that indicate that “something is wrong” with our electrical installations. We usually ignore the risk of serious electrical damage to the devices, but most importantly endangering human lives.  The invisible helper of our daily life is the electricity. We could not imagine our lives without electricity. Most of what we do easily would be a mountain. Of course we could not communicate through this article since internet technology wouldn’t exist.

If you notice any of the following signs, do not ignore them!

1. Decreased security

Has safety ever been dropped while using an electrical appliance? Circuit breakers are designed to cut off power when a circuit is overloaded, thus preventing the cables from overheating which could cause damage or fire. So if the fuse drops and while you lift the switch on the electrical panel, it continues to fall, you need to find the cause of the problem. Try moving the device you blame for the circuit overload to another outlet on a different switch.

2. The lights flicker

Did you notice fluctuations in lighting intensity? It may be due to changes in the PPC voltage in your area. However, if the neighbors in your apartment building do not face a similar problem, it may be due to a problem of damage or damage to the electrical installation of your house. Be aware of why fluctuations in voltage can damage your electrical appliances.

3. Burning ceiling lights

It is recommended to check the area around ceiling lights regularly for very high heat. Most luminaires are usually uninsulated and when overheated (as a result of exceeding the recommended lamp voltage) they become very hot which makes them capable of causing a fire. The best way to solve the problem is to replace the bulbs with CFL fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs that produce only the minimum required heat and thus do not pose much risk.

4. Transients

Transients are known as sparks. Spark is the glow that is created when you connect a cable to the socket. It is common for small sparks to appear when you first plug in a device, however large sparks indicate a problem with the socket or circuit. The problem may be due to wiring, overload or a faulty device. If it starts to smell burnt then things are definitely worrying.

5. Damage to the TV signal

It is very unpleasant to want to watch a movie or a football match and your receiver has no signal. This needs to be addressed immediately, by specialized technicians who will save you from wasting time and money. It is better to install the antenna by specialized technicians and not by any amateur who thinks he is relevant.

6. Damage to the electric water heater

By turning on the switch on our electrical panel, the water heater starts and heats the water. The light next to the switch gives us the information that the water heater is on.However, any damage to the water heater is not visible from this light bulb. In this case, it is usually possible to perceive the problem from the fact that the water does not heat up or it takes too long to heat up.

7. Power failure

No appliances are working in our house, nor are the lights on, while no similar problem has been observed in the neighborhood. It may happen due to voltage drop or one of your electronical devices. There are many causes of power failure, but it is treatable.

8. Socket failure

A socket in the house does not provide power because the wires are disconnected or we have to make sure the prose fits on the wall so that the wires are not exposed. Loose socket installation. If the socket is not installed properly and is loose the effects can be very large as it can even cause a fire.

9. Damage to the electrical panel

Usually these kinds of problems are noticed due to the smell of fish that seems to come from the table. If we are looking for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones then the best thing to do is to call an electrician. If you notice a strong smell of burning coming through the electrical panel then we must turn off the lights and turn off all electrical appliances. A cable has overheated or a fuse has blown. The problem can be dangerous even if the smell goes away, so contact your electrician immediately.

10. Damage to the telephone line.

Problems with the quality of telephone calls can also be due to poor cable connection or some damage to the cables.High speed internet demands or buzzing on the phone line is a very common fault. It comes from the age and quality of the cables. The most common solution is to install a new telephone line from the ISP to the point where the modem will be installed.

11.Installation of incorrect cable size

If we do not know exactly what we need then we can make a mistake and place cables closer or farther resulting in both cases to have losses and poor connection. Also, incorrect cable installation is a serious problem. If the cables in the socket of an outlet or appliance are not placed correctly then the risks of fire or electric shock are too great.

In most electrical systems, there is a cable that carries the electricity. A short circuit occurs when this cable is grounded. This can happen if a cable is damaged, loose or exposed, causing the power to be diverted from the specified path. Even short circuits can generate heat and sparks and are dangerous, but a modern electrical installation will cause safety to fall when these problems occur.

12. Broken wires

If the wiring in your electrical system heats up enough to melt its plastic housing, then you are in imminent danger of fire and you must take immediate action. It may come as no surprise that the smell of burnt should be an immediate warning sign! Try to identify the source of the problem – whether it is limited to a component or a problem with the electrical panel – and you need to resolve it quickly.

An electrical problem in our home is the most common phenomenon. Many times we may not pay any attention to signs that indicate that something is wrong with the electrical installation of our home. Many times a faulty electrical installation can cause serious problems and most importantly endanger human lives. That’s why you always need to do some research before finding the best electrician for any problem on your electrical. 24 ΩΡΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΟΙ is here for you!

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4 Critical Warning Signs Of Clogged Vent Lines


4 Critical Warning Signs Of Clogged Vent Lines

When velocity falls under this rate solids will settle out of the flow to the underside of the pipe, cut back flow capability, and will ultimately cause a stoppage. If the sewer is designed for circulate greater than 10 feet per second, solids could separate from the flow during low usage. At high velocities splashing happens when the water adjustments directions, releasing odours and accelerating the corrosion of concrete structures. There are several residence remedies you’ll be able to try so as to dislodge the clog before calling in the pros.

Schedule an appointment with Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. You certainly don’t want your own home’s sewer system to get backed up, but many homeowners don’t know how usually sewer strains must be cleaned.

Partial or complete interruption of the circulate might outcome from an obstruction in a sewer. When a stoppage occurs, material will back up and ultimately overflow the system up to the purpose of the blockage. Streets, homes and businesses could be broken from the particles.

1. Chemicals

They also create noxious fumes and cause chemical burns on contact. When taking this route, always put on protecting tools and comply with the entire producer’s directions on the label. This is a less-nice task than clearing a sink blockage, however you can nonetheless full the work yourself if you purchase a family snake tool for $15 to $30. You can also elect to make use of a specialized rest room auger to resolve this downside. At hardware stores, they run between $10 to $70 with these in the greater finish of the range a lot simpler to make use of successfully.

Just bear in mind, most plumbers get calls relating to a small drawback that obtained worse once the home-owner tampered with it. Be sure to take a step back should you feel the job requires more consideration then you definitely can provide. Upon his leaving our house he’s was courteous, very educated, explaining what the problem was and the way he fixed it. Very good communication and this is the best way it has always been once we use Antoniou plumbing.

2. Handgun hose

The extra water from the debris tank is poured back into the sewer line, allowing the sewer system to transport the water back to the sewage treatment plant. The solids and debris are retained within the particles physique, reducing the load and load of the mixture unit. The operator merely has to refill the aluminium tanks with water and proceed to the subsequent job web site. At the top of the day, the debris body should be full of mostly solids and particles, with little or no excess water weigh being carried to the dump site. The operator can use the handgun hose to complete cleansing the debris body door seal.

Human well being is threatened with unsanitary situations and the spread of germs and illness. Most sewers are designed to convey material at a velocity of 2 toes per second.

3. Sewer camera inspection

By performing a sewer camera inspection, professionals can pinpoint the cause and best technique for restore. licensed plumber should be able to safely use a ladder to get to the correct vent.

Unfortunately, many people don’t discover an issue with our sewer till it’s too late, and that can result in some pretty nasty problems. If your 25-foot handheld snake cannot reach the clog, then you’ll be able to try the 50, 75, or even a hundred-foot models instead. When determining how long of a plumbing snake you need, you just have to strive what you could have and see if it even touches the clog.

4. Household snakes

Small household snakes are relatively cheap and simple to use. You can use a powerful drain cleaner to attempt to break up the materials causing the clog. Acid-based mostly cleaners might remove the finish in your drain if used without care.

Equipment rental firms and hardware stores let you borrow handheld drain snakes and machine augers for a every day, weekly or monthly fee. The weekly and monthly price significantly decreases the daily price, so choose a kind of options in case your project will take greater than a day.

If you go this route, your handheld drain snake rental will price round $one hundred thirty every week or up to $275 a month. With an hourly fee, nonetheless, your prices could steadily climb upward, especially should you hired a master plumbing skilled. These specialists Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου usually set their hourly labour fee between $40 and one hundred twenty, though some charge as much as $200 per hour.

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How to keep insects away from your house

how-to-keep-inse…-from-your-house/ ‎

How to keep insects away from your house

It is finally summertime and we could not be happier but unfortunately when heat is here bugs Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– are here too! It is unpleasant to share your house with unwanted guests so we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep insects away from your house. Especially if you have children and babies, bugs are not welcome in your house.

We are going to talk about how you can get rid of insects in a natural way and how you are able to prevent them from entering your house. Keep reading to find out more about the “insect plan”.

Seal all the entrances

Any entrance for you and your pets is a possible entrance for insects too. Even if you are careful when you are opening the doors and windows, you never know when a bug or an insect will enter your territory. Furthermore, there are other entrances such as chimneys, vents, air conditioning units, sewers etc. You need to take action while it is still early.

Our advice is that every window and door should have a net on it. Especially children’s rooms or doors and windows that you are using a lot. As far as pets are concerned, you have two options. Either control their in and out time by letting them yourself in or figure out a way to keep their pet door shut when they are not using it.

For the rest of the entrances you can simply shut them (the fireplace is not used for months so you can shut the chimney door) or you can apply protective nets (such as the vents). If you happen to notice any openings in your walls or windows, you can fill them in with silicone so that you will exclude the possibility of insects getting in your house from these openings.

Do not leave food exposed

This one is pretty straightforward but we think it is important to include it in our tips. Insects Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη– like ants, flies, cockroaches and fruit flies are not going to get into your house if you will not in someway “invite them”. What do we mean by that? Leaving exposed food on the table, your desk, on the floor and basically anywhere around the house, is an invitation for the bugs as they eat food just like we do.

Try to store your leftover food in containers and putting them in the fridge. There is nothing wrong with leaving them on the counters but as during summer the weather is hot, their smell might still be an invitation for the various insects. Even a crumb of bread could attract a family of ants!

Wet places are their favorite

Have you ever noticed that cockroaches and fruit flies are often found in the sink or bathroom? Some types of insects simply love to be round water and spaces that have a high level of humidityΑποφράξεις Πειραιάς. Sometimes you might have a leak in one of your pipes and you do not know it yet! Finding an insect in your house calls for house inspection! Take the time to check your house for any leaks or other type of humidity such as mold.

You will find mold and standing water in places suck as your sink cupboards, any other furniture that you have in the bathroom, your basement or any wall and spot of your house that is not receiving enough sunlight and heat. So if you will see

Know where the insects come from

You should always keep an eye on the entrance of the insects. And we do not only mean the way they got into your house but the means too. For example, some insects are able to travel through your clothes, your pet or even the supermarket supplies you just brought into the house!

Wash your vegetables and fruit thoroughly to get rid of any little bugs – Αποφράξεις Πεντέλη– that were living in them. Best thing to do is soak them in water, vinegar and salt mixture for about 15 minutes. This way you will clean and disinfect your groceries at the same time while also killing any small bugs! Knowing the way your unwanted guests came into your house makes getting rid of them easier!

Clean your house

If you haven’t already, you should establish a schedule of house cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner should run over your floors at least once a week so that you are definite that all the bits and pieces of food are gone. Your tablecloth and towels should change once a week too so that you will avoid any visitors due to their smell.

Remember ti clean in spots that are hidden such as behind doors, under the table and chairs, under your sofa and in between the cushions. Insects have a strong sense of smell and they can detect anything in your house, even if you are not able to see it!

Know your limits

When you are “defeated” by insects you need to take a step back. There is really no point in struggling and losing your time, energy and money in products that are simply not effective. If you reach the point where you can not get rid of ants, cockroaches or bed bugs for example, you need to call a professional exterminating crew.

These are the only people that will be able to kill all the insects in your house and free you from your misery! Sometimes it is easier to surrender and know your limits rather than fight and lose your strength. Professional exterminating crews are not that expensive -it depends on the size of your house and the bug you have- and most of them also use substances that are not harmful for your children and your pets.

This way you will exterminate any bug that was bugging you and your family all this time!

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