Tips on how to clean your bags


Tips on how to clean your bags

Summer is almost here and we are sure that you are ready to take all of your favorite bags gynaikeies tsantes out with you. Your bags have been sitting in your wardrobes for quite a while now so we believe that it is time to get them cleaned. Are you looking for tips in how to clean your bags?

If you wish to refresh your wardrobe you should also do the same with your handbags. They get dusty too as they are sitting in your closet waiting for their time to come. If you want to learn tips on how to clean your bags you should take a look at today’s article. We have organized the cleaning procedure in a detailed guide on how to clean your bags.

First step – Get every bag you own out

Get all of your bags out of where you are storing them. Every handbag, clutch, belt bag or  backpack should be out of the closet. Lay them down on a large piece of fabric and if they are too dirty give them a light dust to get the most dirt off of them.

Lay them in accordance of color and material, so that it will be easier for you to clean them. In case all of your bags are made of the same material like leather or canvas for example then you are lucky! You will find it easier to clean them all at once.

Make sure to empty them and then turn them over to get the little bits and pieces out of them. After that you are almost ready to begin the cleaning process.

Second step –   Take the material of the bags into consideration

You need to be careful on how you will clean the bags. Each bag and material has their own instructions and it is better to follow them because otherwise you might destroy your favorite bag and we do not want that!

You would not want to put chemical cleaners on your leather bag or chlorine on your suede as they will probably stain the bag and this damage is sometimes non-reversible. If your bag came with cleaning instructions please follow them. If not, we are here to propose the best effective ways of cleaning your bag.


Third step – Get your cleaning supplies

After determining the way you are going to clean the bags according to their material it is time to get your supplies. You will need the following items:

  • For leather bags: leather cleanser and a cloth or a brush

Get a cloth or a brush with light bristles and create foam to cover the bag. Rub gently for a few minutes and then use the cloth to remove the extra foam. Be careful not to overdo it with water as it could ruin the bag and leave a water stain.

  • For suede bags: a horsehair dauber, sued cleaning foam or water

Suede bags are really sensitive so you need to be extra careful when cleaning them. By using the foam, rub it in with the horsehair dauber and be gentle. Wipe it off with the cloth and leave out to completely dry. Do not leave the bag in the sun.

  • For fabric bags: detergent for clothes, washing machine, dish soap

If the bag is completely made out of fabric you can just toss it in the washing machine in the lowest heat setting and skipping the tumble dry option. Use a detergent for sensitive clothes.

Note that there are ready-made cleaning kits for your bags according to the material that they are made of. If you don’t mind spending some extra money on them, you could get one and follow the instructions on the box.

If you want to give it a shot on your own and you like DIYing, then our tips on how to clean your bags are exactly what you need! For natural cleaning you can use vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil and of course baking soda.

Fourth step – Determine the type of stain

If your bag is stained or very dirty then you are going to need a more extreme solution. Grease stains can be removed by using dish soap and sometimes even baking soda. Suede stains can be removed with a very light sandpaper or even nail file.

Be careful with any stain as the removal process could ruin the bag’s surface for good. If the stains are stubborn, let a professional handle your bag’s cleaning and stain removal process.

Final step – Remove odors

Some bags may have odors especially on their inside. They can become very annoying and distraction so here is how you can get rid of them. First of all, if the inside of your bag can be pulled out, wash it thoroughly with detergent, warm water and a brush. After that you should let it dry completely before using the bag.

If you use it while it is still wet the odors could get worse. Most unpleasant smells will leave right after you wash the bag’s inside part. If not, you can fill a small container with baking soda and let it inside the bag for 24 hours.

When you will take it out the odors must have disappeared. You should give it a shot and you will for sure find out that it works!

Prevent the staining of your bag

If you want to skip the cleaning of your bags the best remedy is prevention. Do not leave your bag on the floor of means of transport or public places. It will scuff your bag and it will allow bacteria to crawl on it.

Make sure to store it properly inside a fabric bag so that it will not get dusty is sitting in your closet for too long. Last but not least, keep it away from grease stains. Oils from food, cars or makeup can damage your bag for good.

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