Bond. Wick. Just F*ck Already.

Bond. Wick. Just F*ck Already.

You know it’d be amazing.

The sexual pressure among John Wick and James Bond is insane.

And there’s so a lot of factors they should really be jointly! Wick and Bond work similar hrs – which signifies they would be home at the very same time to kiss (and bandage) each and every other’s boo-boo’s. They each evidently enjoy the gym (y’all see them shirtless at :59? Sizzling DAMN), which usually means they could be work out buddies – how lovable would that be!?

Plus… they equally occur from grim pasts and routinely have to eliminate people today. Before they located each other, who did they even vent to? Probably no one particular given that their previous and current tramas included top-secret categorised (and/or legally damning) details. Wick and Bond will be ready to console just about every other mentally (and bodily) like no just one has just before.


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