9 + 1 color combinations for exterior painting


9 + 1 color combinations for exterior painting

We usually choose colors and combinations for the interior painting of the house, the bedroom, the living room, the children’s room and even for the bathroom or the kitchen.

However, the trend of our time, through which our need is also expressed, demands that the buildings have colors and, to be precise, a combination of colors.

We choose colors to paint our exterior walls and not only, because through color we express ourselves. Through color we capture what we feel, project emotions and elements that we want or hide some. Also, through the color choices we send “messages” to our environment, attract or remove, impress or provoke. And if we do all this through the choice of colors, the combination of colors makes the game of impression even more interesting.

We present you 9 + 1 color combinations for exterior walls, with shades from almost the entire color palette and designed especially for New Jersey.

1. Exterior painting in shades of blue

3 special shades of blue inspired by the colors of the sky and the sea. They fit in both buildings of modern architecture and neoclassical ones, capturing every time the feeling of calm and freedom. In environments with high temperature fluctuations, high humidity or low temperatures down to -20OC, such as in mountainous areas with frequent rains or near the sea, it is recommended to choose special composition paints with anti-mold properties that ensure very good waterproofing of surfaces.

2. Exterior painting in earth tones

The earthy shades of beige-brown-chocolate give the feeling of the classic but at the same time of the timeless style. The 60-30-10 rule can be applied here. The light shade PCM 1622 you choose for 60% of the surface of the building displaying its constant value, while the shades PCM 1624 & PCM 1625, depending on the architectural elements of the building we want to display, follow the proportions 30% & 10%.

3. Exterior painting in shades of gray

Gray belongs to the palette of cool colors and is especially popular in buildings of modern industrial architecture. Although the shades of gray give austerity to the space, at the same time they promote its elegance, creating the perfect balance. The buildings of the Greek urban areas have their own requirements. Intense sunshine and exhaust fumes are two of the most basic problems they face. Outdoor Paint Waterproof 100% Acrylic is one of the most suitable options for painting exterior walls in these cases.

4. Exterior painting in shades of intense contrasts

3 shades of blue-yellow-blue, which harmonize perfectly supporting and projecting each other. The cheerfulness caused by the combination of the 3 shades makes it ideal for city houses, however it is more identified with periods of carefree in Cycladic islands.

5. Exterior painting in shades of oil

Ideal shades for detached houses and apartment buildings with personality. Shades that differentiate the building, allowing the concealment of architectural weaknesses and highlighting only their beauty.

6. Exterior painting in shades of purple-blue

The perfect combination of shades that exude a sense of cleanliness, optimism and air. The brightness of the shade PCM 862 is due to the drops of red pigment in its composition, while the positive energy of the color combination is due to the other 2 shades PM 863 & PCM 865.

7. Exterior painting in shades for the adventurous

3 shades with a completely different personality but a common point, come from the elements of nature. The green of the plants, the pink of the flowers and the blue of the sky. Due to the strong personality and the 3 shades, they are mainly recommended for highlighting the architectural elements of the building on a white background. On the islands, whitewashing exterior walls every year is a tradition for most homes. In these cases, acrylic paints are often chosen for the exterior that are more economical.

8. Exterior painting in harmonious shades

This is a combination that welcomes home guests. It combines elegance, kindness and kindness. It fits perfectly in buildings of modern line but as you can see in the picture it is a unique decorative proposal for neoclassical.

9. Exterior walls painted in modern shades

Gray with deep red, a timeless combination ideal for modern buildings. We often see you choose gray for the exterior painting of the house. However, few dare to combine it with a shade, such as deep red, that will emphasize the architectural elements and will highlight the unique personality of the building.

9 + 1 Outdoor colors for classics

The light gray – mouse shades, for painting exterior walls, are now classic. They are perfectly combined with the metal or wooden elements of the buildings and this is enough to develop into safe options.

Another classic combination of shades is brown – beige. Playing with the tones of the shades, they are “integrated” harmoniously in classic or modern buildings, with simpler and more intense lines.

Tip: Whenever you choose colors for the exterior painting remember…

Color does not only mean aesthetics, it also means quality.

The external surfaces face special conditions:

  • temperature changes (winter – summer)
  • exposure to moisture, rain, snow
  • temperature fluctuations during the day
  • exposure to the sun
  • salinity exposure (for coastal areas)
  • exhaust pollutants

…quality means having a combination of properties…

  • elasticity, not to peel
  • correct composition, not to fade and maintain the brightness of their shades
  • additives to prevent mold growth
  • be self-washable to remove dirt from the rain
  • thermo-reflectivity, in order to save energy
  • easy to apply
  • respect the environment

…that they can cope by maintaining their properties and protecting your home for many years.

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