purpose of children's residential homes

The purpose of children’s residential homes is to ensure that children who cannot live with their families have all their needs met. Apart from helping the children develop and grow, they provide shelter, food, and space for leisure and play. Ordinarily, such children wouldn’t be able to live in a caring environment. Residential care for youth take in children with varied needs.

Children who come to these homes are usually given a care plan, which states the reasons for the child being here, the type of care they will receive, and how they are expected to be when they leave. At the end of their stay, some children go back to their families while others are put in the care of other families. Very few of them end up in other homes. Older children returning home are given aftercare.

While in the children’s residential homes, the children are allowed to attend their schools outside the establishment. Those who were out of school are assisted to find a place in an educational facility. All this while, the children maintain contact with their families through reciprocal visits.

But that is not all. Residential care for youth also involves meeting the cultural and religious needs of all the children. They never lose their personal identity or that of the communities they come from.

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